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Fruitarian Interview - 40 - Pom Vincent

Hi Pom,

I like to always start these interviews off with a brief introduction of the interviewee.. Maybe tell us your age, where you grew up, where you are currently living, anything else you consider to be particularly relevant?

I'm 27, and grew up in Canada in the french province of Quebec, in the suburbs of Montreal city. And now I'm living in the north Tharaka region, by the Meru national park, in Kenya.

For 6 years I have been traveling in North America, Canada, from forest to forest. I have lived outside during all 4 seasons, winter included, and would move every season, build my camp, harvest the resources around me, make some money on nearby farms, play music, sell what I'd harvested from nature, etc... I also lived with some aboriginal tribes for some years, the Haidas, the Carriers, Cris, But mostly the Algonquins. They have been teaching me a lot, but now I realize how unimportant this was, for human beings are not meant to live in such conditions. I also lived in communities that I considered my family, I was in one, that's now deep in the forests of Quebec, Canada, with 14 other rainbow brothers and sisters, among the local aboriginals the Algonquins for 2 years.

Pom, Living outdoors in North America

I have also lived the intoxicated life of every white / civilized people on earth; high hormone, high protein, high fat, high everything diet (except goodness!). So I am also very in need of healing. Like every other "civilized"/white kid, I also grew up alone, watching television and always surrounded by strangers, including my parents, brother and sister that I never got to know, so we were just fighting like every other "normal" dysfunctional family.

In his one time abode.

Great.. Now before we get into the rest of it.. Please tell us your website details!, with a blog at

And you're living in Kenya now - I understand you arrived there with a couple of other fruitarians (Tanya & Sunshine) right? You all met at the French fruitarian festival last year I believe, had you known each other before that gathering? What were your impressions of the gathering?

Unfortunately, most of the characters had left a day or two before I got there... But most importantly I met Phillipe, Tanya and her ex-boyfriend Salvo. Sunshine had left the festival about a day or two before I arrived. I didn't know any of them prior to the gathering. Tanya already realized that being on a fruitarian diet only was not all there was to being fruitarian, but that it was about what is best suited for us. - Cooked food and much of the the rest this crazy world of division most call "civilisation" does not suit us.

So what were your overall impressions of the gathering?

It was perfect for what I needed, the missing information that gave me the solution to how to end suffering on earth and heal its' inhabitants. Like I said, most of the fruitarians and breatharians had left just before I got there. The fruit there was not of very good quality, and very expensive, but it was a place for people to debate and learn about many things one would never hear about, very "underground" information... Probably the most important gathering that has ever existed since the disconnection from nature. The "wisest" meeting I would say.

Do you know if there are any plans for further such events?

I heard there's supposed to be one happening in Spain (, don't know for certain if it's true. I know Phillipe was trying to pull it off, but no one helped, I haven't heard any news from him for a while. There are raw vegan events that are happening in Australia and northern Europe, but they all teach people to listen to books instead of their bodies to learn about anything, to listen to nutritional "experts". So I don't recommend those. For Kenya I wouldn't recommend it either, I simply don't encourage anyone to fly, unless it's for the last time or for a high purpose, like healing.

So what happened after the gathering?

It started when Tanya and I looked into each others eyes. A long silence. And we both agreed on what we had to do - get back to nature. So we spread the word, and many others decided to join the adventure. So 8 of us sailed with 2 cars to southern Spain to find land where we could start a community of fruitarians. It was amazing, we found a micro-climate, we ate from the trees for every meal, we were naked the entire time, and debating and talking about all the greatness of the fruitarian life and how we would make this community come to life. For 3 weeks we lived that way.

Then I had to move back to Canada. I sold and got rid of everything, including my precious dog, and my djembe!! (djembe had been my life for many years..). It took me 1 month to get everything organised, which was as fast as I could manage it. I got just enough money to pay for my plane ticket. I left with no luggage, no bags, nothing, I think I had about $40 in my pocket. Some would say it was courageous, I call it desperate, for once one realizes what I'd realized, the world becomes quite a different place, and one's task very clear.

For more information about how this adventure with Sunshine and Tanya unfolded, you can visit the NEWS section on our website.

So, arriving in Kenya, there were just 3 of you right?

Yes, you're right, I came to Kenya with Sunshine and Tanya.

Before we go into more details about the Kenyan project, let's just backtrack a little first.. How long have you yourself been eating purely fruit?

Since last year, around March 2010, I became raw, a matter of healing my half dead body and to help my friend Melanie become a good mother for her new baby Soliane, who I really loved. Around June, 3 months later, I met an almost fruitarian called Francesco, from Italy, at a rainbow gathering in Quebec, Canada. It took him a couple of speeches to convert me into becoming an.... applearian!!! no joke!! unfortunately, they where not very ripe, so it was not the most pleasant thing ever... I've learned quite a bit by meeting Tanya and Sunshine.

I always ask people this too, because many people really don't fully get that I am really only after interviewing people that have a genuine belief in a fruitarianism that embraces an all fresh raw fruit diet, so just to be sure, you eat absolutely no nuts, seeds, greens, sugar cane juice, leaves, coconuts, roots, dried fruits or supplements right?

I've been 100% fruitarian for almost a year. no coconut, no greens, nuts, seeds, or anything else. Let's say that I don't really like to kill... lol

I have to be honest Pom, from following your occasional blog posts, you do give me the impression of being one of the few people I've interviewed that seems genuinely genuine about your intentions with fruitarianism.. I think I've interviewed a fair few people, and many of whom I don't fully believe have true intentions of ever just eating purely fruit, - and this despite them all confirming that this is there goal... So it is refreshing, to see someone come along who apparently understands that fruitarianism is so much more than a diet, and in many ways a pioneer in spreading that message.. I have to ask though, I know you are a member of the 30 bananas a day forum too (I'm surprised you haven't been banned from there yet, with your radical all fruit ideas!), were they perhaps also influential in helping you understand fruitarianism, or did the idea arise prior to you registering there?

Thanks a lot! I have never counted my calories, and I joined that website to find people that might be interested in joining or helping our project here. I also found, much "wiser", many like-minded people found me there, or I found them. The 30bad site did help me in in some ways, but it seems that I was teaching and having to push people more than anything. Before discovering their forum, I was already on a straight path to purity, to my higher-self, and no books or professional "experts" are able to better guide me than my own body, since it is the only link I have to a higher conscience, where all the great and pure information is hidden. Here is a nice passage from "The Essene Gospel of Peace" that describes it nicely (I read it recently for the first time, it says what I was already teaching!)...

And Jesus answered: "Seek not the law in your scriptures, for the law is life, whereas the scripture is dead. I tell you truly, Moses received not his laws from God in writing, but through the living word. The law is living word of living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life is the law written. You find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea; but seek it chiefly in yourselves. For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without life. God so made life and all living things that they might by the everlasting word teach the laws of the true God to man. God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. They are in your breath, your blood, your bone; in your flesh, your bowels, your eyes, your ears, and in every little part of your body. They are present in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the plants, in the sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to you that you may understand the tongue and the will of the living God. But you shut your eyes that you may not see, and you shut your ears that you may not hear. I tell you truly, that the scripture is the work of man, but life and all its hosts are the work of our God. Wherefore do you not listen to the words of God which are written in His works? And wherefore do you study the dead scriptures which are the work of the hands of men?"

So ethics has been a steering factor that's helped you see toward the goal of Eden?

I have been living as an outcast, wandering for about 6 years, and I've seen many things in this world that people just don't see. So when I found out about fruitarianism, and how we are meant to be one with nature, it didn't take me too much to make the next step. I was already living with no electricity and almost no technology, in a deep forest of Quebec, a national forest reserve with the aboriginals... So ethics were already part of my life, I've always been considered a "radical". I'd been searching for a way to fully reconnect with the peace of nature for 7 years..

North America

What changes have you observed since you started making positive improvements to your diet? - weightwise/healthwise, spiritually, physically, emotionally etc?

Very many!! for weight, well, I must first say 2 things, 1stly, that the only way to gain weight healthily, is by muscle.. And secondly, the body I have now is the body I've been stuck with since puberty. I mean that it is before puberty that we create muscle, brain, strong bones etc... and the early puberty made me under-developed, since many of you know that the beginning of puberty is launched when one has too many hormones in ones body... All my life I'd been eating animal products for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And not just any animal products, but industrial animal products, American style. - Which are loaded with hormones, antibiotics, other chemicals and more.... without mentioning the kind of foods those poor animals themselves had been force fed, all those GMs... I'm quite skinny since I only have 5% fat that I am supposed to have, but the people who I live close to understand, and it helps me teach people about not feeding meat to their kids especially.

I also see that I am way less emotional, less "edgy", or bi-polar as some people call it. For I understand that it is due to the poisoning. But the diet is one thing, and detoxing is another. Fasting is the fastest and most effective way to clean ourselves to reach peace, higher conscience, unity with the world and love. You can eat fruit for many years, but the poison will stay with you for a long time, making you emotionally imbalanced, dysfunctional...

How are you getting money? and how do you deal with it?

First I must say that I understand that money brings division, and that all we really need, is free. But we have to suffer the ignorance of our disconnection from nature for a while longer still. So I use money with the tip of my fingers, doing my best to stop using it as quick as possible, and do my best not to give it to people that will use it for drugs, so I hire other fruitarians that are not into buying technology. Like the the Caponokia people (see the F.A.Q. section of our website about THE LOCALS)

We get money from donations, which are very low, almost none existent. To be honest, there is one person that has given us some. But the project is just starting, so slowly, I'm getting peoples attention. Right now we have a big need for donations, it's the most important time right now, the time to plant! Things are very cheap here, a worker for instance costs about 3-5 euros per day, of hard work! fruits for most of us cost 50 cents per day. So with let's say 2000 euro, I would hire 3 guys full time for a few months, I would get the seeds I need to plant our 50 acres, I would build more natural shelters for a fasting retreat, I would get better fruits for the locals and guaranty the functioning of the shop making sure everyone can afford a fruit diet (50 cents is the maximum they can afford for food per day), I would build elevated water tanks to water the land which is too far away for the water pump, accessing the water from the river to reach, and I would even buy the seeds for the fruitarians that have land to plant, that could be up to 200 acre per year... (lots of seeds)

When do you think you'll be seeing Sunshine and Tanya again?

Honestly I have no real idea, I hope they will join me as soon as possible, as I'm more in tune with my higher self when they are around. Good influences. Now with Brian, and Niya coming, Brian and I believe we will have a breatharian community very shortly!! I believe it!

Let's get back to your Kenyan project now.. I've read that you have influenced quite a few of the locals into becoming fruitarian right? How many have taken that step now?

There are now 18 locals that are fruitarian, or should I say bananarian! It's the cheapest food here, the only one really affordable for them. So slowly they understand the need to plant their full shamba [ki-swahili for food garden] with fruit trees, but the problem is the lack of seeds, I've found where to get them, but we have no more money!! donations are almost non-existent.

Why do you think it's been so easy for them to grasp the concept of fruitarianism?

Well first there're the locals that are part of that religion called caponokia. They are against everything that is industrialised, such as the schools, medicine, money, technology, even having more than one set of clothing!! They are even against churches, they gather under a tree on top a a beautiful hill!! So when I arrived, it didn't take long before these guys had embraced the concept, and shortly after, the practices. One of them, my good friend Biti, the father of the 6 kids, all fruitarian with his wife also, told me that the people of his religion will all become fruitarian as soon as they hear about it... - That's about 1000 in this small region, and he keeps repeating, we need seeds!!!

Then there're the other locals, they just simply like the idea!! So why not? People here are very different then the rest of the world, much closer to nature, with no money and no civilisation around them, they have been pretty brainwashed by the schools but are very easily de-brainwashed. More than anywhere else I've taught about fruitarianism and natural living. They are extremely receptive! I strongly believe that if we have just a few more seed donations we will see 100 fruitarians within a couple of months, I beleive it, and I will show it!! The guy working at the fruitarian shop I made keeps saying there're up to 5-10 people talking about joining, and one to three join every week! It's just about getting the donations to run the shop.

Tell me about that shop, how does it run?

That shop is the core of this project. The people are influencing each other, soooo much! Here's how it goes... The shop is at the market called Saouri, not many people sell fruits there. All the fruits are 16 km away, at a market called Kunati. The market days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So each of those days, I send 3 guys (soon 4, then 5...) with their bicycles, and two big crates each to the market, 16km away (it cost 250ksh each (2.5 euros)). Its uphill, so the way back is not so hard. They each come back with about 80kg of fruits, no joke! I personally did it for 3 weeks, and I came to like it very much! So I get them to get the fruit from Kunati, for a good cheap price, and contrary to the other guys who go there and do the same thing, but re-sell the fruit at twice the price, I re-sell it at the same price, or almost. So only then the locals can afford to live on a fruit only diet.

You really think even more will be joining you then?

The people of the caponokia religion are already talking about buying land in the isolated place that I choose to be the site of the big project, before I even mentioned it to them. They understand that everyone living in this dysfunctional world is dangerous, and that we must go to a quiet, safe, and peaceful place. All we need is about 40,000 euros to buy 200 acres, next to the Meru national park!!! check out the F.A.Q. section on our website about it.

What are their views on nudity there? Are the locals OK with naturism? Do they all walk barefoot?

Nudity is not possible for the moment, which is unfortunate, but I think it will change, at least for whoever truly desires to be naked. The guys don't mind when I'm naked, but the girls stay way... The locals I think will take a very long time before they do so... or maybe not!!

People here walk barefoot quite a lot, kids or adults, but it's usually a matter of whether or not they have money for footwear though - A fair bit of money poverty here.

Tell us of your gardening projects there?

It's not doing so well, I haven't been on the land for some time, and I just heard that the monkeys have destroyed most of it... But I will plant quickly another 5 thousand papaya seeds this week. The rock melons, water melons, and some soursop are growing though. Bananas, Mangoes and Jackfruits are coming on. I have to repeat, we really need donations!!

Tell us readers what we can do to help? How can someone go about donating seeds to you? Are there any legal restrictions in sending seeds to Kenya? How should the seeds be sent? Where to?

There are heavy legal restrictions preventing me from getting seeds from abroad. It is possible to do it though So if anyone wants to send a large amount of seeds, I will arrange everything, legally. But for now the best is to send money for us to buy seeds here, I keep finding new fruits that are great, with new contacts helping me to find them.

How can people send you money donations? do you have a paypal or is it safe to send cash?

The website doesn’t have paypal yet, there is no one with a credit card in our village, And I insist that no one should get one, it will ruin them! So I really try to find someone that has one already. The best for anything above 80euro is to send it through western union. Under that the fees are 20%.

From what you've said here and elsewhere, I get the impression that the fruit choice there at the moment is pretty slim until you can manage to get more things growing, how are you coping with that?

Here the locals are just asking for bananas, so that's pretty much all we get. But if I get a craving, I ask one of the guys that does the delivery to get me some papaya, watermelon or soursop, which are the only fruits I really recommend, but others can get oranges, pineapples or low quality guavas. Custard Apples will be in season soon, with more water melons and honey dew melons. I must say that everything here is organic and very local.

Do you have a partner?

Nope, I'm a loner in this crazy world.

What do other members of your family back home in Canada make of your views on fruitarianism?

They have no idea of the reasons why I'm do what I'm doing, which saddens me a lot. It takes a lot of time to understand what I've done and am doing, I don't blame them. I can't say that they support me, or that they are interested in learning about it. I know that what they want is to see me with a regular job, living close to them, visiting them once in a while, and growing old with a simple routine similar to the ones they have. I love them dearly but only wish them the healing they need, and it pains me to see them running along the path of destruction, becoming more and more insane. Maybe one day they will understand, and seek healing.

Any cravings for cooked foods at all? or other foods you definitely know are not good choices?

One poisoning leads to another, so if I'm close to anything unnatural I consider myself in danger. Cravings are just addictions to stimulation. In a healthy environment, like the base camp I live at, everything is fine, and the people I'm dealing with are all fruitarians. This is one of the main reason why I do what I'm doing, to have a place where people can live with no negative stimulation around them, no fighting with cravings, no hustling, just peace. A place where kids can grow without even thinking about cooked food, surrounded by other fruitarian kids.

Any plans to write a book on fruitarianism?

Books aren't just books, first you need to cut down trees, with weapons created from destroying the creation, then you make paper, with other tools created from destruction, using oil, killing the earth faster and faster... then you need to print, there's yet more destructive technology, and then deliver.... using some of the most destructive technology on earth... When all the information we need is around us, waiting for us to open our eyes and ears to see and hear the messages. You can re-read the passage of the Essene gospel of peace above. What I need to do is to show the example, that will change the world, its actually working pretty well here!! these people haven't read a book about it!! and they will never see disease! they are on a straight path to inherit the heavens!!!

Any other places on the globe you are particularly fond of?

It took me a long time to find the place I live now, and I believe it's the only place I should be at. But if others are interested in going back to nature, by recreating our natural habitat, I would suggest the Congo, Tanzania, Gabon or Cameroon. I haven't been to any of those places but they were on my list of only choices where it would be a good place to re-create our natural habitat. You can read the F.A.Q. section of our website to know more about that.

Can you name some fruits that you've not tried yet but are looking forward to trying?

We need seeds that give trees, no bush or vines, trees!! any fruit that doesn't need grafting or any particular care. Fruits that don't require tools to eat, that are juicy, and sweet!! Human food!! I'm from Canada, so I don't know anything about tropical fruits, except for the couple I've tried so far. I found a list of fruits that seem to fit that description (I don't know any of them lol!)...

lychee, mangosteen, rambutan, guava, maprang, longkong or langsat, dragonfruit, mafai, star apple, sugar apple, breadfruit, sapodilla, santol, asian palmyra palm.

I don't see durian on that list.. they're a must have I'd say!

Durian? You mean the highly addictive fruit, high in fat, that you need a tool to eat? Lol..

How many other 100% fruitarians do you know now?

Knowing someone means knowing what? lol I've met Salvo, he was applearian for about 7 month, and very healthy looking, eating only 2kg per day, Tanya did a similar experience, she even went down to 1-3 apple per day for a few weeks, never lost weight nor energy, they were both working in a very busy kitchen in Italy, Salvo cooking pizza and Tanya doing the service... very funny no? Salvo had been on 100% fruit for about a year when I met him, that was 6-8 months ago, and last news I got from him was that he was almost breatharian, and loosing neither weight nor energy! Tanya has been 100% fruits for about 2-3 years, she looks very healthy and does exercise everyday. Sunshine also, but he is still recovering from a near death experience from before he became raw, he is slowly catching up, fasting regularly. I've seen a few people fast in my life, including my own experiences, but when that guy fasts, it's a lot of detox!! I met Phillipe also at the fruktifest, but the man was eating avocados like anything, and maybe some nuts. I witnessed him not eating for almost 3 weeks though, and after 2 weeks he and I climbed a mountain, and he was ahead of me the entire time! He is almost breatharian. Now there's Brian, a Kenyan that found me through the internet, he is leaving everything to live with me, he is liquidarian on the way to be breatharian, does lots of exercise, very healthy looking. You can check him out on the ABOUT US section on the website. Of course I must include the 18 other local fruitarians here!! One of them has only eaten bananas for 3 months, and he is doing very fine! the others, most of them, for about 6-7 weeks ago, since I opened the shop, all of them doing better then ever, loving the simple life and extra energy. If my count is right, that's 4 women, 9 kids, and 10 guys I know that eat only fruit.

Can you suggest anyone else that might be up for being interviewed???

I would suggest all the locals here!! But especially Brian, very very much.

Could you hazard a guess as to how many 100% fruitarians there might be in the world? Do you think the idea is spreading?

100% fruitarian? hmmm, maybe 50? there's about 30-or 40 on, and the others here... The idea is definitely spreading here! anywhere else in the world must be difficult, since Africa is the last place the industries have put their footprint, the people are still quite healthy, some get their puberty at 18!! so the healthier they are, the closer to reality they are too. They all have their own land, ready to plant, they already live on the equator, etc... I strongly believe that with enough donations for seeds, there will be at least a thousand fruitarians here within a very short time, believe it or not!! There are about 1000 Caponokias here, and they've said that its just a matter of them knowing you can live on fruits and they will do it, it will free them from the evil industries! their dream!! And then there's a steady trickle of the local (non Caponokias) that are joining weekly!

Do any of the locals feel that your diet is extreme or crazy, or try to persuade you that you need to eat animal flesh?

The idea that Africans eat a lot of meat is only propaganda from the meat industries, everyone knows that Africans have strong bodies with strong muscles. The reality is that they don't eat meat, or barely! Meat is simply too expensive! they all do goat and cow herding, but they sell them, they don't eat them! They never say that you need meat to be healthy!! ha!! lots of them are almost vegan, those get puberty at up to 18 years old!! You should see these people!! beautiful! So intelligent! It helps me to imagine how they would be if they only ate fruit... Their attachment to food is none-existent, they don't care about food, they eat because they believe they need it... NONE OF THE LOCAL FRUITARIANS HAVE CRAVINGS, NONE AT ALL!!!

Do you think that now they are embracing the simplicity of an all fruit diet, they will also stop keeping and selling goat and cattle to be slaughtered? I mean even if they don't eat them themselves, it's still not exactly an ethical choice they're making there.. I'm wondering also if they are milking their animals, and whether or not cheese and dairy products have at all been a part of their diets, if if only minimally, and if so, how they might feel about leaving that behind?

There was a time when I was teaching like a maniac, but I've remembered one of the things Sunshine kept telling me, you can only teach what people are ready to be taught. So I almost completely stopped, and guess what, everyday I get people coming to me and explaining what epiphany they've had that day… They have asked me what they should do with the cows they have, we really thought about this one!! They will sell them eventually, and not get any more. The milk is very expensive, they only drink it with their tea. And as for leaving any food behind, I've said it before, they have no attachment to food, at all!! Some say they have forgotten about it completely! No cooked-food dreams even!!

Is there somewhere close by that you can swim regularly? Do you have to watch out for wild animals?

I swim everyday, the base camp is next to a beautiful river, permanent, when it's the rain season we can't really drink from it, but the locals do though... There's even a waterfall, and a long stretch to make laps.

No dam on the land though, the river belongs to the Kenya wildlife services, it's protected.

There are small crocodile like caiman, they pose no real danger, there's also some kind of Komodo dragon, very nice. Hippos are there sometimes, under the water, so one must be careful.

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

Right here!! In my natural habitat, one with the creation that made me.

Carnivores at Meru National Park.

Finally, is there anything you'd like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

Fruit is the food of perfection, no killing, no harming, just peace, unity, light and perfection. Fruit is our food. Look at the animals in the wild! the more they eat fruits, the more they look like us! and the ones that look, act and interact the most like us are the bonobos, and they eat 80-90% fruits! imagine a species that only ate fruits, that's us! the wisest, most peaceful, most lovely, most beautiful, the only species all other animals look up too! Don't fear, listen to your body, fast for 30 days, and start your new life, one with yourself, and soon with your higher self. We must claim back the earth, leave your intoxicated world, nature is waiting for you, screaming for you! come back to her!! It's easier then getting a degree! Or heck, just come and join us! you don't need anything! get a bicycle, and/or a shovel for digging, Or just come with nothing, and you'll be fine! plenty or work right now, but you only need about 1 euro or less per day! Get rid of everything!! It's easier that way..

Unity for purity.